4 Reasons Athletes Use CBD Products

4 Reasons Athletes Use CBD Products
Athletes Use CBD Products

Manage Your Pain or Your Pain will Manage You If there’s one mantra ingrained in sports culture, it’s “no pain, no gain”. One of the most significant…

Top 4 Reasons Athletes Use CBD Oil

The Management of Your Pain

If there’s one mantra ingrained in sports culture, it’s “no pain, no gain”. One of the most significant benefits of CBD  aside of it being safe and effective ; for athletes in particular it can helping with pain management. Unlike commonly prescribed painkillers, opioids and other controlled substance that result in opioid withdrawal. CBD is non-addictive food and drug administration  and has significant therapeutic potential  for the treatment of epilepsy and treatment of seizure and builds no tolerance. That means you won’t have to gradually increase their dose over time to experience the same pain-relieving benefits. Unfortunately, the overuse of opioids by athletes has lead many down a destructive path of addiction. Some of the most notable include Brett Favre and Tiger Woods. Favre specifically has spoken out about his former addiction to Vicodin, and how CBD has helped change the way he manages pain compared to medical marijuana.

Flame out Inflammation & Chronic Pain

Inflammation is the enemy of the human body and is noted to be result of problematic areas of the body.  This is further validated in sports, Tennis-elbow, runner’s knee, the list goes on and on. Repetitive motions that lead to small muscle tears are a root cause of most inflammation that athletes experience. No Pain, No Gain- The process is clear and those microtears are necessary for building muscle via strength training. They’re also unavoidable, even for athletes who might not lift weights. Endurance athletes are even more susceptible to inflammation due to the repetitive nature that is an endurance sport. However, the therapeutic potential and the effectiveness of CBD has been widely renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. The Hemp Nurse CBD Products are farm bill compliant and committed to the research of cannabidiol treatment. #cbd-flower

Cooling and Heat therapy has been noted to work wonders for localized pain in the body. The techniques are actually very simple and can be performed by placing a warming/cooling CBD pain relief patch on your lower back, blood circulation increases and tight muscles are relaxed. This should help alleviate mild pain and increase mobility. While this method is likely to help with occasional and chronic back pain. CBD has grown in popularity for its pain-relieving properties since its nationwide legalization in 2017. This non-intoxicating hemp byproduct has also been found to have well-documented anti-inflammatory properties. Both of these make it a great candidate for naturally relieving lower back pain. We recommend using a CBD oil tincture for overall chronic pain relief and a CBD balm for more targeted pain relief. Look for a tincture that contains CBG and adding terpenes, for even more CBD plant power. Many consumers of CBD also have discontinued use of their prescription drug and even found that doses of CBD has also helped them to lower blood pressure. Products containing cbd can be used to aid many health care ailments from seizure disorders , mental health, social anxiety to Alzheimers disease using the cbd flower.

Get Active to help Boost the immune system

Athletes do not look forward to getting sick. Not only does it throw off your training regimen, being ill can slowly eat away at the gains you’ve fought so hard to achieve. While one might think that athletes get sick less often due to being in great shape, the repetitive stress they induce upon themselves through training and competition can lead to a weakened immune system. One should always seek advice from licensed healthcare professionals to aid in health care options and review potential side effects of opioids.  The treatment of pain ranges from opioids to hemp oil to medical cannabis, which is why research is highly recommended in your journey. CBD Oil can also added to your diet for optimal out come no matter if your diet is a ketogenic / keto diet plan or a traditional low calorie diet plan. #cbd-for-anxiety

Improve Your Sleep Quality

As well should know by now that your sleep health impacts your endocannabinoid system , back pain, mental performance as well as many other physical abilities of the body. If you’re not getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep regularly, it is highly recommended that you try improving your sleep habits. We know that cannabidiols cbd this can be difficult when getting started  when many consumers suggests that cbd can treat pain and it is often easier said than done. However, quality sleep can work wonders when it comes to relieving chronic back pains which can ultimately improves one’s quality of life in general.. Your body needs adequate time spent horizontally to help decompress your vertebrae and realign your spine. Did you know that the average person is a centimeter taller first thing in the morning compared to right before bed at the end of the day? Gravity can wreak havoc on your back; make sure you’re staying rested.  As an athlete you apply greater stress to your body, leading to pain and inflammation greater than what your endocannabinoid system can handle. Adding exogenous CBD may help this overloaded system get your neurotransmitters back under control and help athletes maintain homeostasis to treat pain.


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